The things I like was when Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant was mixing up the dream that the Queen was going to have as a nightmare! I also like when the giant said things about the food that was served. I really like when the Big Friendly Giant was on the piano. I like when I learn about those 9 Giants.I like when the Queen was sacred about the Sophie on the window. I really really like when Sophie warned the Queen about the 9 mean giants!!!

The Big Friendly Giant ( BFG )

We were done 2 chapters we really loved it. I was so surprised. I have the movie Big Friendly Giant. I was so wired that Sophie was taken to some were! My class draw the cave of the BFG! I have learned some many things in BFG! My Favorite part was when the big red furry giant almost ate Sophie and I also love when the giant can hear little things that was so cool!!!

# The Big Friendly Giant
# Written By: Janelle Santos

The New Cafeteria

The New Cafeteria

One Friday day in cheerleading speedy and flash was in my lunch kit but they eaten all my food. Speedy said there was a zombie in the cafeteria that made a soup turn you in to a bird or a animal so I said to my coach there is trouble. In R.M.E.S so she said go rescue R.M.E.S so I ran to R.M.E.S speedy and flash said Mrs. O is in her car making a potion to make the soup turn back in to a human. So we got in to the car Mrs. O said grab 3 plants form out side she said speedy grab the gold plant speedy you grab the snow plant and she said to me grab the rainbow plant. So we all did she put the flowers in the put it in the soup so I grab the potion I got to the soup but speedy and flash eaten the soup because they were so cannot help it so they slurp it up I put the potion in the soup and I push it of the zombies were human again!!!! The End